Limited Campus Activities Resuming

Please note: We are proceeding carefully to resume limited campus activities in accordance with guidelines in effect.

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Faith Baptist Church
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Welcome BACK!

We are currently holding worship services Sunday mornings at 10:30AM. Doors open at 10:15. If you are healthy and comfortable joining us, we look forward to seeing you. If you choose to join us, we request that you wear a face mask to comply with the current mandate. Our online Worship Stream will continue to be available for those choosing to worship at home.

18 October 2020—Worship Stream

Click here to enjoy a replay of this week’s worship stream.

Join the congregation of Faith Baptist Church, our worship team, and our Lead Pastor Chris Chesley as we gathered Sunday to worship together.

Please feel free to turn it up and be at liberty to sing, pray and worship along with us. And for those who are good for an occasional “Amen,” you’ll need to shout so we can hear you!